A conversation with Marko Rosalline


A conversation with Marko Rosalline

'Design is linked to personality, voice, the definition of what constitutes and defines a brand. [...] passes through all the intangible ideas associated with the project, and in the way in which they are composed and exist in the output [...] to achieve maximum impact, relevance and timelessness'

We would like to get to know you better, so I ask: who is Marko Rosalline?

It is never easy to speak of ourselves. I don’t usually talk about myself, but trying to answer the question, I would say that – and this is certainly the most relevant – I am the founder of Deadinbeirute™, an independent design studio that develops projects and ideas across the various (visual) disciplines of design. I am a designer, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, father, curious, dreamer and passionate about the beauty of life and knowledge (in all its dimensions). I was born in Germany, in a city called Osnabrück, but I lived my childhood on the Alentejo coast and studied in Almada during my adolescence. The beginning of my career in the area was guided by some experiences in small design studios and also as a freelancer in graphic design. From this activity, as a freelancer, Deadinbeirute™ was born, first as a solo experience and then, from 2010, as a company/studio.

What is “storytelling” and “working ideas” about?

An idea is something that needs definition and implementation, in order for it to come into existence. -usually, what comes to us is a desire, a need or a problem, based on an idea that needs to take shape through a design process. As creatives, creators, or designers, it is up to us, most of the time, to define the entire process of materializing this idea. Design is linked to personality, voice, the definition of what constitutes and defines a brand (service or message). When a brand or an organization comes to us, we always want to understand who, how, when, how much, for whom, why and in what way. We define a clear path, through clear, closed ideas, of what the project will be and the result we aim for. The idea is always our starting point.

On the other hand, we report automatically, in the form of a story or description, everything we experience and feel. In art this element is even more visible. In the design process, history passes through the contextualization, the framing, the balance of all the intangible ideas associated with the project, and in the way in which they are composed and exist in the output. When you want to achieve maximum impact, relevance and timelessness, the project must present an output supported by a solid, logical conceptual structure, and be able to transform, adapt, without ever losing its originality and its existential structure. Without losing your personality. What defines you. Without losing the ability to be read and recognized by others. It is easy to understand if we recognize its “history”, its context, its framework, its importance. These are always the result of a deep process, where storytelling becomes the most powerful vehicle. This is the most important part of our process.

What was the idea or inspiration for the development of the new BETAR website?

Betar’s website was created from the simple idea of ​​effectively and inspiringly serving its audience. Considering that we are only talking about a tool – and not an identity process – the inspiration and the defined solutions have always started from this idea of ​​effectiveness and correspondence to the inherent needs and concerns that were presented to us. Betar’s identity, already existing and defined, served as the basis for all visual decisions, and our (more concrete) task is to coherently complement this existing identity, defining its digital presence in website format.

You were awarded at the German Designs Award Special 2019; at the M&P Design Awards 2021 and at the Clube Criativos de Portugal Festival, also in 2021. How do you see these recognitions?

These recognitions show us that our strategy and approach to each project are in line with the industry and with the most relevant results. It shows us that our process and results stand out and produce substance, resonance and relevance for our clients and their audiences. At Deadinbeirute™ we believe that growth must be progressive to become consistent. Time is the key that opens the door to the best results. We believe that projects, in order to become relevant, are exposed to the laws of time. That technical growth is continuous and does not stop. That intellectual growth is the result of permanent study. We have been on this path of progressive growth for about 10 years. We’ve already won some awards, which is important for us, but it’s especially important for projects and results. Projects need time to be thought out and well-executed. To exceed expectations, achieve timelessness and have an impact. Awards bring the ability to demand more from ourselves, our results and our customers. They justify the need to have the right time allocated to each project. That is its true importance.

This interview is an integral part of Revista Artes & Letras # 138, February 2022
Partially automatic translation from portuguese: some expressions may differ from their actual meaning.

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