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At BETAR, not only we value sharing our news, but particularly value the act of listening and learning from the experts with whom we collaborate and come across in our day-to-day activities: that's why our interviews were born.


A conversation with Arqº Nuno Malheiro da Silva

'I'm a fan of partnerships and I think Portugal needs companies to come together to create larger groups, so that we can be competitive abroad [...] and we can conquer other markets' Read more


A conversation with Eng. Pedro Januário

'Digital transformation and the incorporation of artificial intelligence into our processes and decisions are already a reality, but I believe that, in the short term, they will be a determining factor in differentiation' Read more


A conversation with Eng. Carlos Guerra

'From the beginning, we focussed on two main areas: the management of Works of Art and pavements. These are our most important and valuable assets. We need to have them in good condition because safety is at stake' Read more


A conversation with Joana Santiago

'[At Semear we train] people with intellectual difficulties, [and help to] prepare society. The lack of inclusion is related to the barriers that society imposes. We help companies employ these people' Read more


A conversation with Arch. Alexandre Berardo

'In our profession we must have a very comprehensive knowledge of the world and we must have the world to be able to do what we do. (...)
[Unfortunately] there will continue to be no housing because the process takes too long' Read more


Betar distinguished again

The PME Leader 2023 status was awarded to the companies of the Group, Consultores and Estudos. Read more


New bridge inaugurated in Mozambique

Betar has contributed to the success of the project, which is vital for the transportation of people and goods. Read more


Mies van der Rohe 2024 nominees

Praia do Canal Nature Resort and House in Santa Isabel, two projects with Betar structures, are among the projects listed. Read more


Villa Unika awarded

Betar's signature project is among the winners of the 5th Real Estate Awards. Read more


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