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At BETAR, not only we value sharing our news, but particularly value the act of listening and learning from the experts with whom we collaborate and come across in our day-to-day activities: that's why our interviews were born.


A conversation with Marko Rosalline

'Design is linked to personality, voice, the definition of what constitutes and defines a brand. [...] passes through all the intangible ideas associated with the project, and in the way in which they are composed and exist in the output [...] to achieve maximum impact, relevance and timelessness' Read more


A conversation with Eng. Samuel Muzime

'The main challenges of CFM are: to be a regional reference in cargo transport at a competitive price and with safety, having infrastructures with continuous modernization and well-trained and motivated personnel' Read more


A conversation with Eng. Luís Simão

'[Egis intends to] provide the best service to customers (...), in a sustainable way and protecting the environment, fostering growth (...) and betting on innovation as a differentiating factor' Read more


A conversation with Arch. Steven Evans

'With all the people I've worked with, there's always been one thing in common: how easy it is to laugh. The affinities are workable, but without laughing, it is difficult to be an architect.' Read more


A conversation with Arch. Filipe Mónica

'[Architecture] is always developed on risk and experimentation. Only in this way can it aspire to continue to be a cultural manifestation of man's action in the permanent renewal of the world' Read more


A conversation with Eng. José Manuel Faísca

'Having cemented the investment in the electrification of the railway infrastructure, it becomes important to accelerate electric mobility in the country […] It is up to IP to play a dynamic role in promoting environmentally friendly policies' Read more


A conversation with Arch. Miguel Câncio Martins

'Inspiration is not ordered, it comes from observing the most varied and sometimes unexpected things, from listening to others, from travels, from lessons, from bad experiences and from the hard drive that is in my head, with the accumulation of information that I have been gathering' Read more


A conversation with Arch. António Costa Lima

'I believe that an architect should assume himself as an aggregating factor and at the same time conciliatory, in a team that is always composed of many people and entities.' Read more


A conversation with Arch. Helena Botelho

'There are times when we have to think about how we can contribute to our society and profession. [In the Ordem dos Arquitectos] we have a critical view and the opportunity to put into practice a set of reflections’ Read more


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