At the forefront of engineering

Always based on a deep respect for Engineering, at BETAR we develop your projects with a spirit of continuous innovation and independence, so that they reflect your objectives and contribute to a more developed and sustainable World.


+ 600

Building rehabilitation projects

+ 60 km

Extension of designed bridges

+ 15 000 km

Roads and railways managed by the GOA system

+ 1 350 km

Road and railway projects and supervision

+ 21 000

SPT tests

Betar Projects

Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, China, Denmark, East Timor, Germany, Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Lebanon, Malawi, Mozambique, Peru, Portugal, Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America


BETAR Group started in 1973, with the foundation of BETAR Estudos, having as main activity the provision of engineering services for the civil construction and public works sector.

In the early '80s there was a significant expansion in the public works market in Portugal, mainly due to the construction of new infrastructures and the modernization of road network in the country. BETAR Consultores was created in January 1988, as a response to this growth and to provide autonomy to the department of bridge and road projects.

In 1997, complementing the scope of Civil Engineering, BETAR organized a sector dedicated to Hydraulics projects, in the area of consultancy, design and rehabilitation of hydraulic and sanitation systems.

With an open mind and willingness to innovate, in 1998 BETAR developed and implemented the GOA Asset Management System, a tool and methodology now widespread throughout the country and abroad.

In 2007, the BETAR Group received ISO 9001 Certification, thereby demonstrating the quality of the set of procedures we have put in place in the development of our Projects and Works. The framework provided by ISO 9001 ensures the uniformity of our organizational processes and has helped us increase our productivity in such a way as to further improve the quality of service we offer our clients.

In 2009 the Group grows with the acquisition of Geotest, Geotechnical and Structural Consultants, established in 1979, and focused in Geotechnical Consulting, Engineering Geology and Foundations and Structures.

Because of the ever increasing volume of work in Angola, Mozambique and Malawi registered for the past decades, and the need to provide local support as well as the technical assistance for the construction works in progress, the BETAR Group expanded itself to those three countries with the establishment of BTR.AO, based in Luanda; MZ BETAR, based in Maputo; and BETAR Consultores Malawi, based in Blantyre.

The BETAR group has more recently expanded to other specialized fields of engineering and to new consultancy products for the roadways, railways and construction sector, including project management and coordination services. In that sense, in 2021 BETAR created a specific department for these activities and founded BETAR Consultoria e Projetos Eireli, in Brazil, headquartered in Vitória.


Foundation of BETAR Estudos


Foundation of BETAR Consultores


Hydraulics Department creation


Introduction of GOA System


ISO 9001 certification


GEOTEST enters the group BETAR


Foundation of mzBETAR, in Mozambique


Foundation of BTR.AO, in Angola


Foundation of BETAR Consultores Malawi


Transports Department creation


Foundation of BETAR Consultoria e Projetos Eireli, in Brazil

People, Engineering, Tradition, Innovation

Mission and Values

These are BETAR's keywords.

The awareness that BETAR is the People, the people who work here and our customers with whom we deal every day, leads us to always privilege the relationships between all of us. This is our way of being.

Respect for Engineering, developing quality work, is our path.

Prompt service to Customers and other partners is our focus, aiming to develop a relationship of mutual trust between all.

The Tradition of an Engineering group with more than 50 years is our culture.

The attempt at permanent innovation is our future.

Partners and Associates

Portuguese Group of Structural Concrete
Portuguese Association of Engineering and Management Consultants
CMM - Portuguese Steelwork Association
Portugal Steel
Enterprise Confederation of CPLP
Mozambique-Portugal Commerce Chamber
Portugal-Mozambique Commerce Chamber
France-Mozambique Industry and Commerce Chamber
Arab-Portuguese Industry and Commerce Chamber
BMM - Modular Solutions
National Association of Metalurgic and Electromecanic Companies
Portuguese Road Center
Child Safety Promotion Association
Maputo Rugby Club
Mozambican Rugby Federation

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