Quality Policy

BETAR Estudos and BETAR Consultores are consultancy companies of the BETAR Group, which provide Engineering services for the Civil Construction and Public Works sector.

Since 2007, a Quality Management System has been implemented, consisting of the set of organization, means, processes and procedures used for the Group’s companies to develop their activity, in accordance with the standard NP EN ISO 9001, allowing it to be done efficiently and with conformity.

BETAR’s Quality Policy is oriented towards the fulfillment of BETAR’s Mission.

People, Engineering, Tradition, Innovation: These are the keywords of BETAR.

The awareness that BETAR is the People, the people who work here and our customers with whom we deal every day, leads us to always privilege the relationships between all of us. This is our way of being.

Respect for Engineering, developing quality work, is our path.

Prompt service to Customers and other partners is our focus, aiming to develop a relationship of mutual trust between all.

The Tradition of an Engineering group with more than 48 years is our culture.

The attempt at permanent innovation is our future.

We strive for full compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements related to the Quality Management System.

We provide services that satisfy the needs and expectations of customers. Continuously improving, and applying these principles to the Quality Management System, we believe it is possible to fulfill our mission of well serving our Customers.

BETAR is committed to making available and communicating its Quality Policy to the Stakeholders, so that it is understood, and so that practices consistent with the Quality Management System are adopted, which is in conformity with NP EN ISO 9001.


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