GOA Bridge Intelligence presented in Copenhagen


GOA Bridge Intelligence presented in Copenhagen

Betar is at IABMAS24 to publicize the results of the innovation project developed with AI

GOA Bridge Intelligence is an innovation project by Betar, funded by PT2020, in collaboration with the University of Minho and the CCG – Computer Graphics Centre, to develop AI, BIM and degradation prediction tools for GOA, the current Works of Art management system used in Portugal, also created by the company.

In Copenhagen, Betar presented the results of the project at IABMAS24, a 25-year-old international organization that disseminates the latest developments in the areas of bridge maintenance, safety, risk, resilience, sustainability and management. It brings together academics, professionals and operators in the sector to discuss recent advances and identify the best strategies for the future.

In 1997, Betar identified a gap in infrastructure maintenance in the country and began developing the first Portuguese Works of Art management system, the current GOA, which has established itself as a national standard, creating a common language and framework that is used by almost all bridge owners in Portugal, in both public and private organizations.

The GOA Bridge Intelligence project has now taken another step forward. It is a project supported by new technologies and digital trends, BIM and AI tools, which aims to develop an intelligent interface to support its users (site owners, managers, inspectors, among others) in managing the life cycle of complex systems such as road and railway infrastructures.

We are facing a new phase in the digital transformation of the entire industry, resulting from disruptive technologies that open up new fields of application. These innovations also apply to asset management activities and Betar wants to be a leader in providing new tools and solutions. As such, the GOA Bridge Intelligence project is designed to reshape the next generation of asset management, with a focus on developing an intelligent platform, with more effective support for activities that until now were left exclusively to the inspector or manager.

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